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  • Illuminate the Fabric of
    your Cloud Platform Infrastructure Layer

  • Continuously Track Movement
    Of Devices Powering And Accessing
    Your Cloud Platform

  • Maintain A Rock-Solid Security
    and Compliance Foundation
    for Your Cloud Platform

  • Prevent the spread
    of malicious code and attacks
    before they get off the ground

Trapezoid’s Trust Visibility Engine Shines A New Light On Cyber Security Blind Spots


Establish a root of trust and continuously validate the integrity of the devices that power and access cloud platforms with The Trapezoid® Marker, a patent pending IT infrastructure asset tagging technology





  • VM's

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The Cloud Is Only As Secure As Its Foundation

Dynamically Orchestrate Cloud Security And Compliance


Control the integrity of your cloud platform with the Trapezoid® Trust Visibility Engine:

  • Visibility: We Shine a light on the physical and virtualized devices that comprise the fabric of your cloud platform’s infrastructure layer.

  • Analytics: We continuously monitor and track the movement of your cloud computing assets.

  • Remediation: We integrate with leading Security Policy Management and Reporting tools to empower you to take action based on changes in the trust status of the devices powering and accessing your cloud platform.

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