Trapezoid Trust Visibility Engine

Cyber Security and Compliance Tool


Trapezoid® Trust Visibility Engine

From the moment an enterprise turns on the Trapezoid Trust Visibility Engine in their cloud environment we give their IT professionals a snapshot of the inventory and trust status of all physical and virtualized devices that comprise the fabric of their cloud platform's infrastructure layer. Trust Data Intelligence is continuously fed to their existing security policy management and reporting tools and is also surfaced in the Trapezoid dashboard. Security and Compliance teams are then empowered to dynamically orchestrate policy enforcement and maintain regulatory compliance based upon the trust status of the devices powering and accessing their mission critical workloads and sensitive data.

Trapezoid® Trust Visibility Engine’s core attributes secure the foundation
of your cloud platform

Visibility: Visualize Infrastructure End to End
Trapezoid® Marker patent pending IT infrastructure asset tagging technology uniquely identifies the integrity of the devices that comprise the fabric of cloud platform's physical and virtualized infrastructure including: servers, storage, networking, VM’s and client devices.

Analytics: Proactively Build Policies, Rules and Reports
Trust Data Intelligence. Trapezoid tracks VM movement providing current location maps and a full audit trail for every virtual system in the cloud and monitors and verifies the integrity of the physical systems that they are running on.

Remediation: Automate Security and Compliance
Security Integration. Leveraging your investment in existing security tools, Trapezoid integrates the TDI from the devices powering and accessing your Cloud Platform with leading Security Policy Management and Reporting tools helping you achieve an orchestrated response to unwelcome changes in the integrity of your Cloud Infrastructure

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